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Donald G. Hill

List of Publications

Rynne, T. M., Spadaro, J. F., Iovenitti, J. L., Dering, J. P., and Hill, D. G., 1998, "Phased Array Approach to Retrieve Gases, Liquids, or Solids from Subaqueous Geologic or Man-Made Formations", US Patent 5,826,653.

Weiss, R.B. and Hill, D.G., 1997, "Acoustically Enhanced Petroleum Production", Los Alamos National Laboratory Oil and Gas Reservoir Stimulation Consortium Conference Proceedings, February 3.

Hill, D.G., 1993, "Density Log Errors Due to High Grade Uranium Ores", Nuclear Geophysics, v. 7, No. 4, pp. 497-500.

Hill, D.G., 1993, "Multiple Log Potash Assay", Journal of Applied Geophysics, v. 30, pp. 281-295.

Hill, D.G., 1993, "Cost Effective Use of Slim-Hole Drilling and Logging to Evaluate and Develop Geothermal Properties", Geothermal Resources Council Transactions, v. 17, October.

Hill, D.G., 1985, "Maximizing Geothermal Exploration Drilling Information with Wire-Line Geophysical Logs": Geothermal Resources Council Bulletin, v. 14, No. 3.

Hallenburg, J.K., Ducher, C., Fertl, W., Hill, D.G., Kouri, A.H., Mathews, M. A., Pasternak, E.S., Rupert, J.W., and Ward, D.L., ed., 1982, "Geothermal Log Interpretation Handbook", Society of Professional Well Log Analysts.

Hill, D.G., 1981, "Wellsite Quality Control", Technical Training No. 7, Geothermal Resources Council, April.

Hill, D.G., 1981, "Maximizing Exploration Drilling with Well Logs", Technical Training No. 7, Geothermal Resources Council, April.

Hill, D.G., Layman, E.B., Swift, C.M., and Yungel, S.H., 1979, "The Soda Lake, Nevada, Geothermal Anomaly", Geothermal Resources Council Transactions, v. 3, September.

Hill, D.G., 1972, "A Laboratory Investigation of Electrical Anisotropy in Pre-Cambrian Rocks", Geophysics, v. 37, No. 6 (December), pp. 1022-1038.

Runge, R. J., and Hill, D.G., 1972, "The Role of Anisotropy in ULSEL", The Log Analyst, May--June.

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